“From a horse trade, a career was born”

In 1972 I opened up Bullship Leather in Carbondale. My partner and I, set up shop in Southern Illinois, but business dried up in down and we decided to make our way to the open road. The following year, we toured the country hitting renaissance fairs throughout the Midwest. My partner and I were selling our leatherworks to a captive audience, meeting other artists from different realms and mediums. I met a metal smith on this cross country run, and decided to give him some of my leather, for lessons in his craft. He taught me the art that I have practiced for over 40 years. After making my return to Southern Illinois, I purchased a property at the edge of the Makanda Boardwalk, to use as a studio.

File13Slowly, my works have made it from my 1 acre garden behind my studio, throughout the country and world, as far away as England. Working mainly with copper in its various forms as a medium, you will see how I capture nature in its raw form. I accept commissioned work, as well as sell many large to small pieces. Come by and visit the studio of my work for yourself, tour my garden maze, all while you view pieces I have put together. Recently, I have put together a gallery next door to my studio, and I am usually on duty 7 days a week.