Lessons with a tutor

Distinctive features of classes with a tutor:

Individual schedule. With a tutor it is easier to find a convenient time. Plus, you can reschedule, reschedule, and cancel classes about english to marathi. You can not be afraid that you will miss an important topic. The whole program is built specifically for you and your requests.
One on one lessons. Individual lessons allow the student and teacher to focus on each other. The tutor notices all your shortcomings. He corrects you, explains, pauses when you need to. Your attention is also directed to the teacher and the material, and not to your desk mate.
High price. Lessons with a tutor are more expensive than courses at a language school. The average price in Moscow is 13-25 USD per hour. As a rule, common languages ​​are cheaper. The most popular is English.
Search problems. Finding a tutor for english to tamil can be more difficult than choosing language courses. Much depends not only on the professionalism of the person, but also on your personal relationships. In the classroom, you interact less with the teacher, and in a one-on-one format, your “‎compatibility”‎ is extremely important.
Lessons with a tutor for those who have a busy schedule and have finances. As a rule, they are engaged with him 1-2 times a week. You can take lessons every day, but it will cost more. This method is useful if you are just starting to learn a language, preparing for an exam, or want to develop specific skills such as speaking.